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Saturday, January 24, 2015


English ; So I think that a lot people know this label, "KLORANE». I use a shampoo, but this label offers also different products like cream, aftershaves... Mostly I use it during my examination, due to the fact that I am very nervous during this time, I lose a lot of hairs... I recommend this product to everyone who has loses hairs...Try this one.. The shampoo I use is a shampoo that’s has just plant products =) Introduced in a very gentle cleansing base, detangling

KLORANE cinchona extract combined with a vitamin B complex, makes fortifying Shampoo with quinine and vitamins B KLORANE a source of energy that gives strength and tonic for tired hair. It also activates skin microcirculation and stimulates the bulb for promoting the growth of a healthy and vigorous hair.

The price is 14 € =)

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