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Saturday, January 17, 2015


At Sephora shop I found this bargain =) I have never tried this foundation before "CLARINS" , because I am used to my “Guerlain” foundation =) However because this was on sale I wanted to try it, maybe I will become attached to it =)

My second bargain and my third bargain, were found at the "Zara shop" =) At once I found this beautiful statement chain =) It has a beautiful colour =) green =) I have never bought this chain because it was to expensive for me but, that day the price of that chain was 9,95 € instead of 39,95  (normally )) I was very happy that I were not so greenly to buy that before =) and to lose money...

After, I found that short that you were seeing at the picture =) it is different to my usual style but special =) and I can combine it with my green chair =) and a lovely black T-shirt =)

In my vacancy I went to Barcelona =) in a little village that calls "Roca" AND there is an OUTLET =) and it was like a dream there. It is a OUTLET that haves more than 100 shops, like Tommy Hilfiger, Boss, Chanel, Gucci, Michael Kors et cetera =) It is worth it to go there=) However I was searching a bag but a bag with leather =) And suddenly I found a shop that calls “Furla”. It's a very expensive label, but that day all the shops had crazy sales, and I bought this extraordinary bag for 129 € instead of 250 € =)

This chain I found at Mango shop for 9.95 € instead of 29, 95 =) so I picked it =)

This perfume I found also at the "Roca" village for the extraordinary price of 90 € instead of 150 €
The left one is a man perfume, Prada, it smells like summer. For me I found as well a Prada perfume that calls "Candy" and I can just say WONDERFUL. =))

So like you can see I had a cheapy vacancy =)

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