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Sunday, January 11, 2015


Hello today I will show you and explain you my favourite brushes. I know they are a lot of brushes, but these one are very good. ! From the left to the right! I begin with the ZOEVA, for me zoeva is very fine, because they use proper material. This brush don't even lose hairs (like others) and the price is very correct, 12 $. The sole issue is that these brushes are from Germany; so perhaps you must ask if they deliver to US. The second brush is excellent. The brushes from the label Laura Mercier are an absolute dream. I recommend it to everyone. They are simple to use, they are just fantastic =) for me they are one of the best brushes ever been produced. I have a box full of laura mercier brushes. Yet these brushes are expensive...If you buy one it will you cost more than 20 $. The third one calls Cala is a new brush that I bought in the shop Tkmass, this one is brilliant. It's a brush that was produced with bamboo, and this brush is ecofrendly =)

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