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Saturday, January 24, 2015


Français ;Pour mon copain l'un des meilleurs shampoings jamais. Il le utilise depuis un an et il est très heureux et reconnaissant = ) ce shampoing contribue aussi à augmenter les cheveux des hommes.
Donc ceux qui souffrent de perte de cheveux peuvent l'utiliser  = )
+ Il a une odeur superbe, de menthe que j'aime beaucoup . Il en coûte environ 12 € = )

English; For my boyfriend one of the best shampoos ever. He using it since one year and he is very happy and thankful =) this shampoo helps to increase men hair =)

+ It has a mint smell that I like very much. It costs about 12 € =)


English ; So I think that a lot people know this label, "KLORANE». I use a shampoo, but this label offers also different products like cream, aftershaves... Mostly I use it during my examination, due to the fact that I am very nervous during this time, I lose a lot of hairs... I recommend this product to everyone who has loses hairs...Try this one.. The shampoo I use is a shampoo that’s has just plant products =) Introduced in a very gentle cleansing base, detangling

KLORANE cinchona extract combined with a vitamin B complex, makes fortifying Shampoo with quinine and vitamins B KLORANE a source of energy that gives strength and tonic for tired hair. It also activates skin microcirculation and stimulates the bulb for promoting the growth of a healthy and vigorous hair.

The price is 14 € =)


Français ;Aujourd'hui, je vais vous montrer mon nouveau rangement  pour mon maquillage et  mes accessoires=) J’ai acheté presque tout dans  la boutique «CASA». Maintenant, ils ont des soldes donc il en faut profiter. La première chose que j’ai acheté était une armoire, je l'aime beaucoup car elle a des couleurs différentes =) Elle coûte 12 € et il était auparavant 24 €. Là, je mets  mes fondations, mes fards à joues, et ma base que j’utilise avant que je mets ma fondation. = ) Apres j’ai acheté un autre  rangement en «plastique» où je range mes crayons, mon vernis à ongles,  et mes rouges à lèvres ...
C’est très pratique, car je vois  immédiatement où j’ai mis mes  choses. Chaque fois que j’entre maintenant à mon dressing je sais déjà où j’ai mis mon mes vernis, mes rouges a lèvres. Chaque maquillage a sa place =) c’est très facile à trouver= ) Il n'a pas été cher, vous pouvez le trouver au « IKEA » ou « CASA » pour 15 €
La dernière pièce que je ai acheté était un rangement pour les  accessoires qui a une forme en cœur =)  , je peux accrocher mes chaînes ou mes différents boucles d'oreilles = ) C’était aussi pas cher , il a coûté 3 €  = )

English :Today I will show you my new make-up and accessory storage =) I bought almost everything at the shop names "CASA". Now, they are having sales. The first thing I bought was an armoire, I like it very much because it has different colours =) It costs 12 € and it was previously 24 €. There I stock my foundations, my blushes, and my basis that I use before I put my foundation. =) The second is a "plastic" storage where I achieve my pencils, my nail varnish, my lipsticks...
It's very practical because you see immediate where you have put your things. Each time I go now to my dressing I know already where I put my make-up. Each make-up has his place=) and it is very easy to find it quick =) It has not been expensive you can find it at "IKEA" or "CASA" for 15 €
The last piece that I bought was an accessory storage, where I can hang my chains or my differents earrings =) It was also very cheap it costed 3 € =)

Monday, January 19, 2015


What kind of magazine are you reading? By what magazine are you been inspired =)?

I reed a lot, like BIBA, GRAZIA, BE, GLAMOUR, and of course the VOGUE =)

Saturday, January 17, 2015


At Sephora shop I found this bargain =) I have never tried this foundation before "CLARINS" , because I am used to my “Guerlain” foundation =) However because this was on sale I wanted to try it, maybe I will become attached to it =)

My second bargain and my third bargain, were found at the "Zara shop" =) At once I found this beautiful statement chain =) It has a beautiful colour =) green =) I have never bought this chain because it was to expensive for me but, that day the price of that chain was 9,95 € instead of 39,95  (normally )) I was very happy that I were not so greenly to buy that before =) and to lose money...

After, I found that short that you were seeing at the picture =) it is different to my usual style but special =) and I can combine it with my green chair =) and a lovely black T-shirt =)

In my vacancy I went to Barcelona =) in a little village that calls "Roca" AND there is an OUTLET =) and it was like a dream there. It is a OUTLET that haves more than 100 shops, like Tommy Hilfiger, Boss, Chanel, Gucci, Michael Kors et cetera =) It is worth it to go there=) However I was searching a bag but a bag with leather =) And suddenly I found a shop that calls “Furla”. It's a very expensive label, but that day all the shops had crazy sales, and I bought this extraordinary bag for 129 € instead of 250 € =)

This chain I found at Mango shop for 9.95 € instead of 29, 95 =) so I picked it =)

This perfume I found also at the "Roca" village for the extraordinary price of 90 € instead of 150 €
The left one is a man perfume, Prada, it smells like summer. For me I found as well a Prada perfume that calls "Candy" and I can just say WONDERFUL. =))

So like you can see I had a cheapy vacancy =)