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Sunday, January 11, 2015


Hello today I received my glossybox and my birchbox =)
In my glossybox I had 5 products.
I will begin from the left to the right; the first one is a mascara that calls "Better than sex". I have never heard about this one, but I am very excited to try it because like you can see, this mascara demonstrate that our lashes will have a bigger volume after several weeks. =) The price of this mascara is 18.50 €... 
 Let's try and in a few weeks I will tell you the effects. The second product is a rubber cream from the label "Baia" also never heard about this label, but I can already say that it smells very comfortable. The price of this one is 8.90 € for 50 ml.
The third product is a balm for the lips from "Lollipops", that's useful for this month by the reason that we have winter right now=) It has not a special smell, for me it's very neutral product, it is nothing extraordinary...
The fourth product is a lipstick from 'Bellaperre'. I had already received other products from this label that I didn't like but this one is different. The lipstick has a red colour =) and it has the impression it would stay longer in your lips than normally =) the last product for this month from the glossybox is a product that I very appreciate; It's the "CHI SILK". It's a product that you do in your hairs after you have washed your hairs. This product cost 19.90€ for 50 ml but I can already say that's perfect product due to the fact that I know this product since two years and it hasn't never disappointed me. 

The Birchbox this month also contained 5 little products.The first one is a miniature of the "Thebalm cosmetics" it's a make up, not bigger than your fingerprint, that you use to put on the cheeks with your finger...but sincerely, that's so small that I can even not say it is worth to buy this make-up because I can not determinate the effectiveness of this product...The price of this is 19 € for 8.5 g..
The second one is perfect; I already know this brand "Aussie"it's a shampoo to use for the hairs. It smells brilliant, like some candies you bought when you're little =) I recommend it to everyone =)
The next one product that I obtained is a brand that I don't know it calls " Thermaliv" and it is a mask that you should use twice a week and we must it let about 15 minutes at our face =) The charge for this is 18.40 € for 50 ml
The second last one is a lip balm, brand "Polaar". I know this label, but have never tried it... It cost 9.90 € for 10 ml.
The last product is mouth water from the label "Marvis". I hadn't already use it, but I can already say that's one of my favourites products of this box =)) It smells so fresh =) and marvis products I have already try and I wasn't disappointed =)

For me , the birchbox is the winner this month =) because it offeres a large choice of products, like hair shampoo, mask for the face, lip balm and marvis mouth water and they offered the labels that I really appreciate =)))

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